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5 Reasons to buy MSI Gaming Laptop

MSI Gaming Laptops in Philippines has numerous line-up that offers different types of gaming experience. This somehow gives the consumers a little confusion on what type of series they need to buy. But no worries, here, we will give you the simplest way to understand them.

MSI Gaming Laptops has 5 series.

GT Series (Titan, Top, Highest-end) – The laptops under this category has highest performance above all. It packs the almost all the software and hardware innovation that MSI has to offer for gamers up to date. So if you are looking for a monstrous desktop replacement, this one will suit you.

GS Series (Slim. Stealth) – This series are the slimmest among all the laptops of MSI. This includes the MSI GS65, world’s slimmest gaming laptop. As thin as 17.9mm only but gives you the performance of Intel Core I7-8750H and power of GTX 1060 up to 1070 (depends on your configuration). GS Series suits those gamers who wants slim, classy, but powerful gaming laptop.

GE Series (For Enthusiasts) – GE Series like GE63/73 Raider RGB packs all the means of being fancy. Mystic Light at the back of the panel and Per-Key RGB Keyboard by steelseries which users could personalize the lighting with whatever the way they want, as well as giving us templates that we, and gamers might like. This series offers fanciness, power and gaming DNA at the same time.

GP/GF Series (Performance Gamers) – This kind of laptops usually offer a performance that could run “AAA” games from low to mid settings without any hassle while not hurting pockets. It offers a little software enhancements and power of GTX 1050 to 1050Ti graphic processing. There are rumors that GP Series will be replaced by GF series in future. Though, this two series has identical specs, price and aesthetics.

GL/GV Series (Mainstream Gamers) – The entry-level king. No doubt that GL and GV series let beginners enjoy what it means to game on a powerful machine.

That’s it! We hope that you will finally get your categorization right when it comes to MSI Gaming Laptops.

Now, let’s move on knowing more about what MSI 8th Generation Gaming Laptops has to offer for us gamers.

We have here a sample, GS65 8RF-082PH powered by Intel Core I7-8750H and 8GB of NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070. On storage and RAM part, it has 512GB of NVMe SSD and 16GB of RAM. And with an SRP of Php169,995. Let’s check how this 8th Generation MSI Gaming Laptop has to offer.

Taking a short physical description with our sample, the GS65 has a golden and elegant design judging by its aluminum alloy with sandblasting finish and golden MSI logo as well. The “thin-bezel design” makes it look more of a 14” considering that it is a 15” numpad-less gaming laptop. The screen is silky-smooth knowing that it runs on a 144hz. Huge power on a thin and classy gaming laptop indeed!

Moving forward with the I/O, it has 1 USB Type-C, 3 USB 3.1, 1 RJ45, 1 HDMI, and 1 Mini-DP, of course a Headphone out and Microphone in ports.

5 Reasons to buy MSI Gaming Laptop:

  1. CoolerBoost Technology – Overheating issue is a common problem when it comes to Gaming Laptops across all brands. Keeping in mind that the more power it gives, the more heat it produces. With MSI Laptop, each series has its own designated cooling technology to dissipate heat.
    a.   GT Series – They call it “Cooler Boost Titan”. A cooling module with up to 3 Big Fans, and up to 15 heatpipes to ensure that it can withstand the amount of heat given by the most powerful desktop replacement among its kind
    b.  GS Series – I’ve seen the worst kind of cooling system inside a thin laptop. And this one is far better than the other slim laptop I’ve ever touched. I was amazed with the “CoolerBoost Trinity” and the way how MSI got to fit 3 fans and 4 heatpipes under the hood.
    c.  GE Series – Or can we say, “Raider Series”? – This series has a specially made cooling module called “Cooler Boost 5”. It comes with 2 fans and 7 heatpipes plus four exhaust to ensure that heat has the fastest way to leave the laptop.
    d.   GL/GV/GF/GP Series – This series has almost-the-same cooling module. These kind of models was packed with up to 2 fans and upto 4 heatpipes.



  1. Keyboard Durability and Performance – Even younger generation of gamer knows how good SteelSeries peripherals are. Gaming Keyboard, Headset Mouse etc. You will never think twice when buying SteelSeries products. And it’s awesome that MSI partnered with them. The comfortability, performance, and durability is superb! Plus the numerous RGB tweaks inside SteelSeries Engine 3, no doubt, this is the most beautiful keyboard pre-built in a gaming laptop up in the market today.


  1. Speakers – The speakers made by Dynaudio for MSI was out of this world. Beautiful and detailed sound output. If you haven’t heard the speakers of MSI Gaming Laptop with dynaudio, you may visit any MSI Concept Stores located at SM Megamall, SM Mall Of Asia, and SM North EDSA Annex. As they said, to hear is to believe!


  1. Build Quality – Well, I will not make this wrong. MSI has one of the most beautiful build quality. The moment you see how organized the components placement inside, the more it makes you think how durable your laptop is.


  1. Built-in Softwares – If you are using an MSI Gaming Laptop with Intel 8th Generation Processor, you might already saw the MSI Dragon Center V2.0 with Gaming Mode. This software allows you to monitor what’s really happening inside your laptop real-time! Temperature, Free and Used Storage, CPU and GPU usage, even the basic information of your laptop are available for viewing. It’s so detailed that almost all the details you need to know about your gaming laptop could be in just 1 app. Not to mention the Gaming mode wherein, if you will play a certain game, Dragon Center will automatically set all the essential settings for you to run the game smoothly. Specifically you panel color accuracy, ram, CPU, GPU, Gaming Profile, CoolerBoost Technology, and even your keyboard lighting!



MSI Gaming Laptops offers a variety of exceptional gaming experience. But still, there are other gaming laptop brands that you might comfortable with and trusts the most. The final decision will be always be made by ourselves. There are wide range of brands, and models to choose from. All have its own difference. It’s better to know what exactly you need, where and how you need it, and buy what you really need. All the description above was constructed based on our own experience with the product.

To get a hands-on experience, you may visit MSI Concept Stores at the following malls to try the newest MSI Gaming Laptops.

MSI SM Mall of Asia
Level 2, Cyberzone, North Wing

MSI SM Megamall
Level 4, Cyberzone, Building B.

Level 4, Cyberzone, The Annex

Or visit any MSI Authorized Re-sellers :




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