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8th Gen Coffee Lake computer CPUs Listed For Pre-Order

Intel Core i7-8700K, Core i7-8600K, Core i3-8350K and more 8th Gen Coffee Lake computer CPUs Listed For Pre-Order – Launch drawing close in Early October

Intel’s forthcoming 8th generation laptop platforms have taken the net by storm and there’s nothing that will stop them. In response to the leaks, online sellers have began to record the CPUs (Coffee Lake) up for pre-order beside engineering samples which will be found on a couple of China-based retail sites.

Intel coffee Lake Pre-Orders pops at online Retail outlets – Core i7-8700K, Core i5-8600K and Core i3-8350K blanketed inside the listings

Intel might launch the primary wave of 8th generation Core “Coffee Lake” desktop processors within the retail channel, on the fifth of October, 2017. It is also turning into ominous that with increasing core counts across the lineup, Intel is additionally raising costs by anyplace between 12.5% to 25%. as an example, the Core i7-8700K, which logically succeeds the $339 Core i7-7700K, may be priced upwards of $400. The i5-8600K, that succeeds the $249 i5-7600K, may be priced a bit over $300. One will expect similar price-hikes across the board for different Core i5 six-core and Core i3 quad-core SKUs.


There is a superfluity of online retail websites that have listed the Intel 8th gen laptop processors codenamed Coffee Lake. Regardless, the mentioning costs vary from merchant to merchant and don’t seem to be indicative of the last MSRPs which could be unnoticed. However, you may try and research the subsequent equipment names to search out just in case your nearest marketers have the coffee Lake laptop chips listed for pre-order.


  • INTEL BOXED 8th GEN INTEL I7-8700 PROCESSOR [BX80684I78700]
  • INTEL BOXED 8th GEN INTEL I5-8400 PROCESSOR [BX80684I58400]
  • INTEL BOXED 8th GEN INTEL I3-8100 PROCESSOR [BX80684I38100]


There are clearly a lot of details returning within the returning weeks. We will expect additional Z370 boards, coffee Lake processor benchmarks and a glance at the design itself before reviews are live in early October. We are going to have a review of the coffee Lake desktop processors at launch.

Note – Final clocks are still not determined, the clock frequencies mentioned below are directly from Intel slides, however, pre-orders reveal totally different clock speeds, therefore, take them with a pinch of salt.


Intel Core i7-8700K – The Coffee Lake Flagship With 6 Cores and 4.3 GHz Boost Across All Cores

The Intel Core i7-8700K is going to be the flagship processor of the lineup. it’ll feature six cores and twelve threads. The chip is going to be compatible with the LGA 1151 socket and rumors are, that board manufacturers can extend support of coffee Lake onto 200-series and even 100-series platforms. The chip is going to be Intel’s initial hexa core product and can be supported the 14nm method node.

In terms of clock speeds, we are viewing a 3.7 GHz base frequency that boosts up to 4.3 GHz (6 core), 4.4 GHz (4 core), 4.5 GHz (2 core) and 4.7 GHz (1 core). These clocks are extremely spectacular therefore we will expect a lot of quicker play performance on coffee Lake components than the present generation of CPUs. The chip is absolutely unlocked letting overclocking and comes with a TDP of 95W. There’s 12 MB of L3 cache on board beside a GT2 tier iGPU. The chip supports DDR4-2666 MHz memory (native) and up to 4400 MHz+ (OC). we will expect the Core i7-8700K to value around $349 US once it launches in Q3 2017.


Intel Core i5-8600K – The Gamer Aimed Hexa Core With Overclocking capacity and 4GHz boost

The Intel Core i5-8600K is that the second unlocked chip in the lineup and features a hexa core style. We’ve learned that the Intel Core i5 series can stick to six cores however they’ll not feature a multi-threaded style. The chip most likely features 9 MB of L3 cache whereas being supported on the LGA 1151 socket.

When it involves clock speeds, we’re taking a glance at the 3.5GHz base, 4.2GHz (6 core), 4.2GHz (4 core), 4.2GHz (2 core) and 4.4 GHz (1 core) enhance clocks. The chip can carry a TDP of 95W and that we predict a price range of around $249 us which will make it a stunning initial rate alternative for gamers that require some further cores on their palms.

Intel Core i3-8350K – A Quad Core i3 Processor With 4GHz Clock pace

The Intel Core i3-8350K might possibly be the simplest Core i3 chip in the 8th Gen family that makes it possible for overclocking guide. Intel’s 8th Gen Core i3 family is additionally the first to characteristic four cores which might be a very good deal for budget builders. The Intel Core i3-8350K comes with 4 cores and four threads that are clocked at 4.0 GHz. The chip facets 8 MB of cache and should feature a TDP of 95W.

There’s to boot the Intel Core i3-8100 that could be a four core, non-multi threaded SKU. This chip contains a reduced TDP of 65W and contours a clock rate of 3.6 GHz. There’s a complete of six MB of L3 cache on the processor itself that confirms the exclusion of multi-threading. The Intel Core i3 chips can not feature raised clocks however they are going to possess an additional solid base clock speed and expecting expenditures of the chips to be within the sub-$200 US range.

Pentium Releases

Intel Pentium G4660, Pentium G4700 and Pentium G4720 With a pair of Cores, four Threads and Upto 3.9 GHz Clock Speeds also detailed – below $100 US

The Intel coffee Lake family will feature a minimum of three Pentium series SKUs that embody the Pentium G4660, Pentium G4700 and also the Pentium G4720. These chips can feature two cores and four threads with clock speeds rated up to 3.90 GHz. there’ll even be 4 MB of L3 cache on board the chips and costs are going to be adjusted round the $100 US bracket.