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Crucial MX300 525GB review

The best budget SATA SSD

Samsung’s long leading 3D NAND on SATA, by the 850 Pro and its younger bro 850 Evo, Crucial’s MX300 SSDs were the first to follow Samsung’s path. While Samsung is having all sorts of advantages in RnD and manufacturing, Micron is no noobie, Crucial’s parent company when it comes to technology as well.

Crucial is looking to replace the bulky mechanical hard disks that most users still rely on for data storage and use on older systems.

With just a small percentage separating many typical SATA SSDs in terms of real world performance, the real difference comes in price point and available sizes. The MX300 made its mark when it hit SSD market with its 750GB model that has been expanded to a full lineup of 1TB, 2TB and the smaller sizes as well.


Performance wise, it is good, although not that strong against the 850 Evo’s surprising benchmark scores, the real selling point with this is it’s price point, comparing the 15 percent more expensive than with Samsung’s drives, with lower capacities as well.

Final Thoughts:

Although much slower the Giant Samsung Evo, Crucial still outperforms other budget SSD, which it’s main selling point. So, if you’re looking for an SSD that won’t break the bank but still gives the best performance, you can’t go wrong with Crucial MX300.

MX300’s excellent reliability and stability, that makes Crucial quite a bargain personally, and while you may not like it because it’s not Samsung, the real targets are those people who prefer not to spend a ton on an SSD. At this price, why not?


  •  Good value
  •  3D NAND like Samsung
  •  Good SATA performance
  •  Reliable and stable
  •  Up to 2TB sizes available


  •  Slow compared to M.2 and U.2
  •  Mechanical hard drives still cheaper

Score: 4.4/5


Price: P8,750.00 or $159.00

You can buy now here