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Gigabyte Aorus K9 Optical

What’s in the box

  • Aorus K9 Optical Switch Keyboard
  • 9 Additional Switches with Keycaps Attached
  • Keycap & Switch Puller

Build Quality and Design

The Aorus K9 Optical Switch Keyboard is made up of quality plastic with a fully matte black finish which may not catch your attention at first glance but when you first touch it and use it, you can feel that it’s premium and built sturdy.

Another cool design is the Aorus logo on the upper side of the Numpad and at the bottom of the keyboard. The layout is pretty usual like the other full keys mechanical keyboard. The PBT Keycaps feels premium and the fonts printed will not be easily fade.


The Aorus K9 uses Flaretech Switches that gives off unexceptional debounce time reaction of just 0.03ms and chatterproof unlike the most keyboards in the market with a 20ms debounce time.

Another Feature of the K9 is the Per-Key RGB lightings that come with 16.7 million colors with different light presets from rainbow preset with motion changer, raindrop effect, and the usual static and breathing.

Also, the K9 features a hot-swappable switches which is excellent because you can easily replace the flaretech switches with the switches you prefer without exerting too much effort on soldering the switches.


The Per-Key RGB lightings of the Aorus K9 can be easily customize with the help of the RGB Fusion 2.0 software. Inside the software you can customize all the RGB lightings of your components with just a single click of a button.


These are the specifications of the Aorus K9 Optical compare to the traditional mechanical keyboards in the market.

Red Switch Specifications
Switch Type:Flaretech RedCherry-MX Red
Peak Force:55 cN – Linear45 cN – Linear
Switch Life:100 million50 million
Debounce Time:0.03ms5ms
Tactile feedback:NoNo
Audible feedback:NoNo
Travel Distance:4mm4mm
Actuation Distance:2-4mm2mm
Reset point:2-4mm1.9mm
Keycap stem:MX (cross)MX (cross)


  • Hot-Swappable Switches
  • Braided Wires
  • Gold Plated USB
  • Easily Customize with the RGB Fusion 2.0 Software
  • Flaretech Switches


  • Non-Detachable Cable