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New Monitor Coming in April 2018 from AOC: Beastly 1440p 144hHz Freesync 2

AOC has just unveiled its next-gen gaming displays, two 27-inch models under their AGON gaming brand that will be coming out with FreeSync 2, and G-Sync versions in April and May 2018, respectively.


The big surprise is that both monitors feature a lightning-fast 0.5ms response time, considering both panels are 2560×1440 native resolution displays with 144/165Hz,  which is an incredible feature.


The AOC AG273QCX is a 27-inch 1440p HDR display with a native 144Hz refresh rate, TN panel, and 0.5ms response time – this will debut at around $700 as the FreeSync 2 powered display.

The is also a new NVIDIA G-Sync version of the display, the AG273QCG that powers the same native resolution, 0.5ms response time, but with a more 165Hz refresh rate. The AMD FreeSync 2 version offers HDR support, which would drop to 144Hz from 165Hz.

I’d prefer to have a HDR-capable display @144Hz than a non-HDR display @165Hz, but the G-Sync version will cost $824 and $120 more than the FreeSync 2 model.


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