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PhiDisk PhantomKnight 960GB SATA SSD


Phidisk kept things pretty simple with the PhantomKnight in terms of packaging. At the front, we can see that it comes with a contrasting dark color with orange font and accents all around. It is also highlighted that the Phidisk PhantomKnight comes with a 3-year warranty. As for the build quality, the SSD is constructed in a plastic shell that feels alright and there’s nothing to complain about. Phidisk claims they adapt 100% of Phison’s core technology in the NAND-flash controller and their product integration abilities in all their products. With 3D NAND technology, the storage can be greatly increased without the need to shrink the cells. This also boosts reliability and provides faster performance especially in 4K IOPS.


It is a 2.5” SATA SSD and it also uses the third generation Interface. Which means you will be able to get the potential to push data up to 600MB/s. The PhantomKnight is considered Phidisk’s entry-level SSDs. It is definitely not going to be the fastest SATA III SSD in the market, but the philosophy of the PhantomKnight here is to be affordable and accessible to everyone. The PhantomKnight is the best bet entry-level SSD for those who want bigger storage for gaming and media without burning your pocket. Whereas the WrathKeeper offers one of the cheapest 3D NAND SSD and peace of mind 3 years warranty.


Capacity960GB (894GB usable)
InterfaceSATA 3
NAND TypePlanar TLC
DRAM Cache32MB SRAM (on controller)
ControllerPhison S11
Rated speedSequential:
Up to 540 MB/s Write: Up to 450 MB/s
Dimensions100 mm X 69.85 mm X 6.8 mm
Weight43 grams
Included accessoriesNone
Warranty3 years


We’d benchmarked the PhiDisk PhantomKnight using CrystalDiskMark and the results we’d got are great:

As expected, the PhiDisk PhantomKnight gives off a fast 527mb of Read Speed and 508mb Write Speed.


The Phidisk PhantomKnight is a pretty good option if you are picking up an SSD as your primary drive or game storage. It is also an entry level SSD for those who want to get into the faster storage game and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and break the bank. The PhantomKnight here is to be affordable and accessible to everyone. SSDs – no matter how slow they are – are still miles ahead of hard disks in terms of speed.