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PhiDisk PhoenixArmed microSDXC Memory Card

PhiDisk recently released its competitor for the micro-SD memory card category, the PhiDisk PhoenixArmed micro SDXC!


The PhoenixArmed is made up of mostly plastic same as other top-tier micro-SD in the market. It features a Black-Red-White themed on the top side and the logo of PhiDisk.


PhoenixArmed comes with an Adapter so that you can use it for digital cameras and other platforms. Based on it’s named “PhoenixArmed”, it is basically Armed with top-class storage solution as it is categorized as Class 10 A1 with a Maximum Speed of up to 100MB/s which is excellent for fast data transferring and game data loading.


We’d tested the actual performance of the PhoenixArmed using AndroBench and the result we’ve got was great and not that far to the endorsed Speed of 100MB/s.


The PhiDisk PhoenixArmed should be considered a flagship SD-Card knowing that it gives-off closed performance of almost 95mb/s in the actual benchmarking test which proves that the endorsed speed of up to 100mb/s is not impossible to reach by this SD-Card. It is a recommended storage solution for games, music, video, photo and many more as the write speed performs great as well as it gives almost 56mb/s of write speed.



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