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Alvin Pacheco is our friendly Tech Reviewer and Owner of Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts also known as PRE is launching their Exclusive Gaming Chair and Limited Edition only.

November 16 2017, Thursday – Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts, in collaboration with Glaiiide from Aneno Knights, is proud to announce its own “PRE Limited Edition Gaming Chair”. With an Ergonomic Racing style Gaming Chair that has a neck pillow and lumbar support, a Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts Logo was added on its headrest to complete the design. The chair includes a reclineable backrest and a vertically adjustable arm support.

For more visual details, you can watch their video announcement on Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts Youtube Channel linked here –

The gaming chair is made from high quality materials, starting off with the base of the chair.


The frame of the chair is made from metal with power coating to avoid rusting from the inside. The tube thickness of the metal frame is 1.8mm, unlike other normal chairs that only have 1.2mm thickness. The tube diameter is 19.89mm while other chairs only have 16mm.

The PRE Gaming Chair also has a Class 4 Gas Lift which can support weight up to 200kg with ease. It’s the most durable and high quality gas lift in the market.

The material used for the seat is breathable leather, which means that it is comfortable to sit on. In addition, the user will not experience sweating even if he or she uses it for long periods of time.

Here is the specification rundown of the PRE Gaming chair:

Since this is a “Limited Edition” gaming chair by Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts, only 9 Gaming Chairs will be released for their existing and/or new fans.


The price of the PRE Gaming Chair is Php 8,000 pesos for the first 5 pre-orders, and Php 9,000 pesos for the last 4 pre-orders. The chair has a 12 months warranty package, and the buyer also has the option to replace it with a new stock or refund the whole amount with an additional Php 100 for compensation within 2 months after receiving the chair.

I really recommend this chair for those looking for the best budget gaming chair with the same quality and features of other brands.

You can now place your PRE-Orders here –

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