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PROMATE AuraTank-20 Qi Wireless Powerbank

One of the newest releases of PROMATE is the AuraTank-20, it includes one key feature that will surely make it differently great than the other powerbanks in the market. So today we’re going to check its build quality, design, key feature and performance.

What’s in the Box:

  • PROMATE AuraTank-20
  • Micro USB 3.0
  • User Guide

Build Quality and Design

At first glance, the AuraTank-20 bears just the usual design of a powerbank. It is made of premium carbonate plastic and you can see a led monitor on the top black bar which shows the battery percentage left.

On the left side of AuraTank-20 you will find its specifications, capacity and output voltages.

The right side rocks the power button and the description of 20,000mah which is the AuraTank-20’s capacity.

On the upper side, you will find the input and output sockets. It bears 1x USB 3.0 with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Support, 2x 2.1A USB 3.0, 1x USB Type-C socket, and a Micro USB input for charging the device.

Key Features

One key feature of the AuraTank-20 that will surely make it outstand most of the powerbanks in the market is it has a 10W Fast Wireless Charger on top of it.

User’s of smartphone that supports Wireless Charging will surely be able to make their charging experience less hassle and convenient because they can just lie their phone on top and the AuraTank-20 will do its job.


We’d tested it by charging a fully drained smartphone with a battery capacity of 5,000mah and we’re surprised that it only took 26% on the battery life of AuraTank-20 which is excellent. We also tested charging another fully drained smartphone but with a battery capacity of 4,120mah and it took only 19% which we could tell that the AuraTank-20 can charge up to 5 Android smartphones depending on their battery capacity and it also charges faster than the other aftermarket powerbanks in the market.


The PROMATE AuraTank-20 is an excellent powerbank that charges faster than the other and also has a big battery capacity of 20,000mah so you can fully charge 4-6 Android smartphones when fully charged. One best key feature of the AuraTank-20 is its ability to Wirelessly Charge any smartphone that supports it which comes in handy for many users out there.