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Redragon Devarajas K556 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Outemu Brown Switch Unboxing

Want an affordable keyboard with a good built quality and lighting? This is for you.

One of the best sellers of gaming peripherals at Amazon. Redragon was established in 1996 under the name of Eastern Times Technology Co., Ltd.
Now, Redragon sales map covers 30 countries including North America, Europe, South of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Design with the international standard packaging, and the multi-language inquiries for the end user, it is your best choice and a reliable friend on your desk.

Packaging of Redragon Devarajas

Redragon K556 Devajaras RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is packaged in a black and red cardboard box. The front shows a picture of the keyboard, their logo and the product name in red color. Below the product name, we can see three main features of the keyboard which are high speed, high control, and highly customized. Just like any other Redragon product, this keyboard has an 18-month warranty.

Across the lower portion of the box, you can see a series of badges depicting main features of the keyboard including the customized switches, gold-plated USB connectors, full N-Key Rollover (NKRO) keys for anti-ghosting, RGB backlighting, customizable backlight modes, interchangeable arrow and WASD keys, adjustable input rate, and Windows key lock function.


It includes a keycap puller, key switch puller and a set of extra Outemu Blue switches

First Look

As you can see, the keyboard is using high-quality mechanical switches. Also, it has RGB full color LED backlit keys, laser engraved keycaps, N-key rollover, gold plated USB port, spill proof design, and metal housing.

Key Switch

Woah! it is a non-soldered Outemu Brown key switch, it is easy to replace.

RGB Backlight

Here’s the video of RGB lighting of Redragon Devarajas K556 RGB Keyboard. (Sorry for the quality, still using a potato cam.)



  •  Reasonably priced
  •  Premium build quality with sturdy brushed metal construction
  • Plug-n-play, no software or driver is required
  • Laser-engraved keycaps for long-lasting operation
  • Mechanical keys feel great while typing/encoding
  • Easy to replace key switch
  • Full N-Key Rollover (NKRO) for anti-ghosting
  • Gold-plated USB connectors to prevent oxidization or rust
  • RGB LED backlighting is bright



  • Only available in Outemu Brown switches
  • Ordinary ABS Plastic keycaps
  • No Wrist Rest
  • Non-braided USB cable

Learn more about Redragon: http://www.redragonzone.com/index.php