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Waymo Vehicles To Have Intel’s Self-Driving Tech

Intel and Waymo announced its new partnership in the self-driving market since Intel has bought MobilEye for $15 billion earlier this year.

The two companies developing the driverless car tech announced their partnership in a blog post by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. Although no financial terms revealed, other details were not disclosed. Now that Waymo is using Intel’s tech, the company revealed that it has been using Intel’s technology in its self-driving cars since 2009, long before it became a standalone company.

Intel-powered Waymo

Intel contributed a big part in Waymo’s in-house self-driving platform development, use by the fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans. Intel’s has powered the sensor suites and processing in Waymo’s fleet, and also claims that its tech will be efficient and powerful enough to reach levels 4 and 5 autonomy, which will enable true self-driving capability.