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Windows 10 Mixed Reality headset from ASUS revealed

ASUS Virtual Reality

Microsoft’s soon to be released Windows 10 Mixed Reality headsets, offering affordable pricing as well as its wide range of support, VR headsets are about to become much more widely available now.
ASUS has now revealed their own Windows Mixed Reality headset, which will release with a polygonal design that gives their headset a unique aesthetic. Offering a combined resolution of 2880×1440, which is higher than both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, this headset will contain dual 90Hz 1440×1440 displays.

This headset will not require any external tracking systems, with this design utilizing Microsoft’s own 3D tracking system, which includes support for motion controllers. The headset itself will weigh just 400 grams, with the headset being designed to rest its weight on the user’s forehead, in a similar fashion to Sony’s PSVR. Pricing is still unknown as Asus hasn’t revealed it yet or the official release date, but it sure is gonna be near the release of Windows 10 Mixed Reality headset.